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English verbs that start with D

All verbs (1,185) in the English language starting with the letter D. Click to view a full conjugation table.

dab, dabble, dade, daff, dag, dagger, daggle, daguerreotype, daintify, dally, dam, damage, damascene, damask, damn, damn by association, damnify, damp, damp off, dampen, dampen off, dampne, dance, dance to a different tune, dance to a new tune, dance to someone's tune, dander, dandify, dandle, dang, danger, dangle, dap, dapple, darken, darkle, darn, dart, dartle, dase, dash, dash down, dastard, dastardize, date, daub, daunt, daw, dawdle, dawk, dawn, dawn on, daze, dazzle, de-freeze, deacon, dead, dead bat, dead run, dead stick, deaden, deaf, deafen, deal, deal in, deal out, dealbate, deambulate, dear, dearn, dearticulate, deaurate, debacchate, debar, debarb, debark, debarrass, debase, debate, debauch, debel, debellate, debilitate, debit, debituminize, debosh, debouch, debug, deburse, decalcify, decamp, decant, decantate, decapitate, decarbonate, decarbonize, decard, decardinalize, decay, decease, decede, deceive, decentralize, decern, decerp, decharm, dechristianize, decide, decimalize, decimate, decipher, decitizenize, decivilize, deck, deck out, declaim, declare, declare war, decline, decoct, decollate, decolor, decolorate, decolorize, decompose, decompound, deconcentrate, deconcoct, deconsecrate, decontrol, decorate, decore, decorticate, decoy, decrease, decree, decrepitate, decrew, decrown, decry, decuple, decurt, decussate, dedecorate, dedicate, deduce, deduct, deed, deem, deepen, deface, defail, defalcate, defalk, defame, defatigate, default, defeat, defecate, defect, defend, defer, defeudalize, defibrinate, defibrinize, defigure, defilade, defile, define, defix, deflagrate, deflate, deflect, deflour, deflow, deflower, deforce, deforest, deform, defoul, defraud, defray, defuse, defy, degarnish, degenerate, deglutinate, degrade, degust, dehisce, dehonestate, dehorn, dehort, dehumanize, dehusk, dehydrate, dehydrogenate, deify, deign, deintegrate, deject, delapse, delate, delay, dele, delectate, delegate, delete, delibate, deliber, deliberate, delibrate, deliciate, deligate, delight, delimit, deline, delineate, deliquate, deliquesce, deliquiate, delirate, deliver, deliver the message to Garcia, delude, deluge, delve, demagnetize, demand, demarcate, dematerialize, demean, dement, dementate, demephitize, demerge, demerit, demerse, demesmerize, demigrate, demise, demit, demobilize, democratize, demolish, demonize, demonstrate, demoralize, demount, dempne, demulce, demur, demure, den, denarcotize, denationalize, denaturalize, denay, denegate, denigrate, denitrify, denize, denizen, denominate, denotate, denote, denounce, dent, dentize, denudate, denude, denunciate, deny, deobstruct, deodorize, deoppilate, deoxidate, deoxidize, deoxygenate, deoxygenize, depaint, depart, depasture, depatriate, depauperate, depauperize, depeach, depend, depeople, dephlegm, dephlegmate, depict, depicture, depilate, deplant, deplete, deplore, deploy, deplume, depolarize, depolish, depone, depopulate, deport, depose, deposit, deprecate, depreciate, depredate, deprehend, depress, deprive, deprovincialize, depucelate, depulse, depurate, depure, depute, deputize, dequantitate, deracinate, derail, derange, dere, dereligionize, deride, derivate, derive, derne, derogate, descant, descend, describe, descrive, descry, desecate, desecrate, desert, deserve, desiccate, desiderate, design, designate, desilver, desilverize, desire, desist, desk, desolate, desophisticate, despair, desparple, despecificate, despeed, despend, despise, despite, despoil, despond, desponsate, desport, despotize, despread, despumate, despume, desquamate, destinate, destine, destitute, destrie, destroy, destruct, destruie, desulphurate, desulphurize, desume, desynonymize, detach, detail, detain, detect, deter, deterge, deteriorate, determinate, determine, detest, dethrone, dethronize, detonate, detonize, detort, detract, detrain, detrect, detrude, deturb, deturbate, deturn, deturpate, devast, devastate, develop, devenustate, devest, deviate, devil, devilize, devirginate, devise, devitalize, devitrify, devocalize, devoid, devolute, devolve, devote, devour, devove, devow, devulgarize, dew, dewret, dezincify, diabolify, diabolize, diadem, diagnose, diagnosticate, diagram, dial, dial back, dial down, dial in, dial into, dial it in, dial up, dialogize, dialogue, dialyze, diamondize, diaper, diazotize, dib, dibble, dice, dice with death, dich, dichotomize, dicker, dictate, diddle, die, die away, die back, die down, die in the arse, die in the ass, die off, diet, differ, difference, differentiate, difficilitate, difficult, difficultate, diffine, diffract, diffuse, dig, dig in, dig into, dig oneself in a hole, dig out, dig up, digest, dight, digit, digitate, digitize, digladiate, dignify, digress, dijudicate, dike, dilacerate, dilaniate, dilapidate, dilate, dill, dilly-dally, dilucidate, dilute, diluviate, dim, dimidiate, diminish, dimit, dimple, din, dine, dine at the Y, ding, ding up, dink, dint, dip, dip coat, diphthongize, diplomate, direct, dirempt, dirk, dirt, dirty, dirty dance, disable, disabuse, disaccommodate, disaccord, disaccustom, disacidify, disacknowledge, disacquaint, disadorn, disadvance, disadvantage, disadvise, disaffect, disaffirm, disafforest, disaggregate, disagree, disalliege, disallow, disally, disanchor, disanimate, disannex, disannul, disanoint, disapparel, disappear, disappoint, disappreciate, disappropriate, disapprove, disarm, disarrange, disarray, disarticulate, disassent, disassimilate, disassociate, disattire, disauthorize, disavaunce, disavouch, disavow, disband, disbar, disbark, disbase, disbecome, disbelieve, disbench, disbend, disbind, disbowel, disbranch, disbud, disburden, disburse, disburthen, discage, discalceate, discamp, discandy, discapacitate, discard, discase, discede, discept, discern, discerp, discharge, dischurch, discide, discind, disciple, discipline, disclaim, disclame, disclaunder, discloak, disclose, discloud, disclout, discoast, discolor, discolorate, discomfit, discomfort, discommend, discommission, discommodate, discommode, discommon, discompany, discomplexion, discompose, discompt, disconcert, disconnect, disconsecrate, discontent, discontinue, discord, discost, discounsel, discount, discountenance, discourage, discoure, discourse, discovenant, discover, discredit, discriminate, discrown, discruciate, disculpate, discumber, discure, discuss, discuss Uganda, disdain, disdeify, disdeign, disease, disedge, disedify, disembark, disembarrass, disembellish, disembitter, disembody, disembogue, disembowel, disembrangle, disembroil, disemploy, disempower, disenable, disenchant, disencharm, disenclose, disencumber, disendow, disenfranchise, disengage, disennoble, disenroll, disenslave, disentail, disentangle, disenter, disenthrall, disenthrone, disentitle, disentomb, disentrail, disentrance, disentwine, disespouse, disestablish, disesteem, disfancy, disfashion, disfavor, disfeature, disfellowship, disfigure, disflesh, disforest, disfranchise, disfrock, disfurnish, disfurniture, disgage, disgarland, disgarnish, disgarrison, disgavel, disgest, disglorify, disgorge, disgrace, disgrade, disgraduate, disgregate, disgruntle, disguise, disgust, dish, dish out, dish up, dishabilitate, dishabituate, dishable, dishallow, dishaunt, disheart, dishearten, disheir, dishelm, disherit, dishevel, dishonor, dishorn, dishorse, dishouse, dishumor, disillusion, disillusionize, disimbitter, disimpark, disimprove, disincarcerate, disincline, disinclose, disincorporate, disinfect, disinflame, disinherit, disinhume, disinsure, disintegrate, disinter, disinterest, disinthrall, disintricate, disinure, disinvigorate, disinvolve, disjoin, disjoint, disleave, dislike, disliken, dislimb, dislimn, dislink, dislocate, dislodge, dismail, disman, dismantle, dismarch, dismarry, dismask, dismast, dismay, dismember, dismiss, dismortgage, dismount, disnaturalize, disobey, disoblige, disorb, disorganize, disorient, disorientate, disown, disoxidate, disoxygenate, dispace, dispair, dispand, disparage, dispark, disparkle, dispart, dispatch, dispauper, dispauperize, dispeed, dispel, dispence, dispend, dispense, dispeople, disperge, disperple, disperse, dispirit, displace, displant, display, disple, displease, displenish, displode, displume, dispone, disponge, dispope, disport, dispose, dispose of, dispost, dispraise, dispread, disprejudice, disprepare, disprison, disprivilege, disprize, disprofess, disprofit, disproperty, disproportion, dispropriate, disprove, disprovide, dispunge, dispurpose, dispurse, dispurvey, dispute, disqualify, disquantity, disquiet, disrange, disrank, disrate, disray, disrealize, disregard, disrelish, disremember, disrepute, disrespect, disreverence, disrobe, disroof, disroot, disrupt, dissatisfy, disseat, dissect, disseize, dissemble, disseminate, dissent, dissert, dissertate, disserve, dissettle, dissever, dissheathe, disship, dissimilate, dissimulate, dissimule, dissipate, disslander, dissocialize, dissociate, dissolve, disspirit, dissuade, dissunder, dissyllabize, distain, distance, distaste, distemper, distend, dister, disthrone, disthronize, distil, distill, distinguish, distitle, distort, distract, distrain, distream, distress, distribute, district, distrouble, distrust, distune, disturb, disturn, disunite, disuse, disutilize, disvalue, disvelop, disvouch, diswarn, diswont, disworship, disyoke, dit, ditch, dite, ditty, divaricate, dive, dive in, divel, divellicate, diverge, diversify, divert, divertise, divest, divide, divide and conquer, divide up, divine, divinify, divinize, divorce, divulgate, divulge, dizen, dizz, dizzy, do, do business, do by halves, do down, do drugs, do for, do in, do it, do it tough, do justice, do of, do off, do one's bit, do one's ease, do one's easement, do out, do out of, do over, do right by, do the dishes, do the laundry, do the rounds, do time, do up, do without, doat, dock, docket, doctor, doctorate, document, dodder, dodge, doff, dog, dog it, dog out, dog paddle, dogmatize, dole, dole out, dolt, domesticate, domicile, domiciliate, domify, dominate, domineer, don, donate, doom, dop, dose, dot, dot the i's and cross the t's, dote, dote over, double, double as, double back, double boil, double check, double dare, double date, double deal, double dip, double dog dare, double down, double jump, double kill, double penetrate, double space, double steam, double straddle, double up, double up as, double-bank, double-quick, doubt, douse, dout, dovetail, dow, dowel, down, downbear, downweigh, dowse, doxologize, doze, doze off, drab, drabble, draft, drag, drag bunt, drag down, drag hunt, drag on, drag the chain, drag through the mud, drag up, draggle, dragoon, drail, drain, drain away, drain out, drain the lizard, dram, dramatize, drape, draught, draw, draw a bead on, draw a line in the sand, draw away, draw in, draw iron, draw level, draw on, draw out, draw the cloth, draw together, draw up, draw upon, drawbore, drawl, dread, dream, dredge, dree, dree one's weird, drein, drench, drenche, dress, dress down, dress up, dretch, dreul, drib, dribble, drie, drift, drift apart, drill, drink, drink and drive, drink from a firehose, drink oneself to death, drip, drive, drive away, drive home, drive in, drive off, drive out, drive the porcelain bus, drivel, drizzle, droil, droll, drone, drool, droop, drop, drop a load, drop acid, drop anchor, drop by, drop crotch, drop dimes, drop in, drop kick, drop like flies, drop off, drop out, drop ship, drop the bomb, drop the hand, drop the mic, drop the writ, drop trou, drown, drown out, drowse, droyle, drub, drudge, drug, drug test, drum, drum out, drum up, drumble, dry, dry clean, dry fire, dry lab, dry off, dry out, dry up, drynurse, dub, dubitate, duck, duck and cover, duck dive, duck out, duck walk, dudder, duel, duke, duke it out, duke out, dulce, dulcify, dulcorate, dull, dumb, dumb down, dumfound, dumfounder, dump, dump core, dump one's load, dump out, dumple, dun, duncify, dung, dungeon, dup, dupe, duplicate, dure, duress, dusk, dusken, dust, dust off, dust off a batter, dwarf, dwell, dwell upon, dwindle, dwine, dye, dye in the wool.

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