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English verbs that start with E

All verbs (758) in the English language starting with the letter E. Click to view a full conjugation table.

ean, ear, earmark, earn, earnest, earth, earth up, earwig, ease, ease nature, eat, eat ass, eat away, eat crow, eat cunt, eat for two, eat into, eat it, eat like a bird, eat like a horse, eat one's seed corn, eat out, eat pussy, eat someone alive, eat someone's lunch, eat the seed corn, eat to windward, eat up, eavesdrop, ebb, ebb and flow, ebonize, ebulliate, ecchymose, echelon, echo, eclaircise, eclipse, economize, edder, eddy, edge, edify, edit, edit out, educate, educe, edulcorate, efface, effascinate, effect, effectuate, effeminate, effeminize, effervesce, effigiate, efflagitate, efflate, effloresce, effluviate, efflux, efforce, efform, effort, effranchise, effray, effront, effulge, effume, effund, effuse, egerminate, egest, egg, egg crate, egg on, eglomerate, egotize, egress, ejaculate, eject, eke, eke out, elaborate, elance, elapse, elate, elbow, eld, elect, electioneer, electrify, electrize, electrocute, electrolyze, electroplate, electrotype, elegize, elenchize, elevate, elicit, elicitate, elide, elimate, eliminate, elix, elixate, eloign, eloignate, eloin, elong, elongate, elope, elucidate, elucubrate, elude, elute, elutriate, emacerate, emaciate, emaculate, emanate, emancipate, emarginate, emasculate, embale, emball, embalm, embank, embar, embarge, embargo, embark, embarrass, embase, embastardize, embathe, embattail, embattle, embay, embeam, embed, embellish, embetter, embezzle, embillow, embitter, emblanch, emblaze, emblazon, emblematize, emblemize, embloom, emblossom, embody, embogue, emboil, embolden, emborder, embosom, emboss, embottle, embow, embowel, embower, embowl, embox, embrace, embrace the penguin, embrace the suck, embraid, embrangle, embrave, embrew, embrocate, embroider, embroil, embronze, embrothel, embrown, embrue, embrute, emburse, embus, embush, embusy, emend, emendicate, emerge, emigrate, emit, emmantle, emmarble, emmew, emmove, emolliate, emotionalize, emove, empair, empale, empanel, emparadise, empark, empassion, empawn, empeach, empearl, empeople, emperil, emphasize, empierce, emplaster, emplead, emplore, employ, emplunge, empoison, empoverish, empower, emprint, emprise, emprison, empty, empty out, empty the bench, empugn, empurple, empuzzle, emulate, emule, emulge, emulsify, enable, enact, enambush, enamel, enamor, enarch, enavigate, enbibe, encage, encamp, encanker, encarnalize, encase, encash, encave, enchafe, enchain, enchannel, enchant, encharge, enchase, enchasten, enchisel, encircle, enclasp, enclave, encloister, enclose, enclothe, encloud, encoach, encoffin, encolden, encomber, encompass, encore, encounter, encourage, encowl, encradle, encrease, encrimson, encroach, encrust, encumber, encurtain, encyst, end, end up, endamage, endamnify, endanger, endark, endazzle, endear, endeavor, endenize, endenizen, endict, endite, endoctrine, endome, endorse, endoss, endow, endower, endrudge, endue, endure, enecate, energize, enervate, enerve, enfamish, enfeeble, enfeoff, enfetter, enfever, enfilade, enfire, enflesh, enflower, enfold, enforce, enforest, enform, enframe, enfranchise, enfree, enfreedom, enfreeze, engage, engaol, engarland, engarrison, engender, engild, engine, engineer, engird, engirdle, engirt, engle, engloom, englue, englut, engore, engorge, engraff, engraft, engrail, engrain, engrapple, engrasp, engrave, engrieve, engross, enguard, engulf, enhalo, enhance, enharden, enhearten, enhedge, enhort, enhunger, enigmatize, enjoin, enjoy, enkennel, enkindle, enlace, enlard, enlarge, enlay, enlengthen, enlight, enlighten, enlimn, enlink, enlist, enlive, enliven, enlock, enlumine, enlute, enmarble, enmesh, enmew, enmist, enmove, enmuffle, enmure, ennew, enniche, ennoble, enode, enounce, enpatron, enpierce, enquere, enquicken, enquire, enrace, enrage, enrange, enrank, enrapture, enravish, enregister, enrheum, enrich, enridge, enring, enripen, enrobe, enrol, enroll, enroot, enround, ensample, ensanguine, enscale, ensconce, enseal, enseam, ensear, ensearch, enseel, enshelter, enshield, enshrine, enshroud, ensign, ensilage, ensky, enslave, ensnare, ensnarl, ensober, ensoul, ensphere, enstamp, enstate, enstore, enstyle, ensue, ensure, enswathe, ensweep, entail, entame, entangle, entend, entender, enter, enterlace, entermete, enterplead, enterprise, entertain, entertake, enthrall, enthrill, enthrone, enthronize, enthuse, entice, entitle, entitule, entoil, entomb, entomologize, entrail, entrain, entrammel, entrance, entrap, entreat, entrench, entrust, entune, entwine, entwist, enubilate, enucleate, enumerate, enunciate, enure, envassal, envault, enveigle, envelop, envenime, envenom, envermeil, envie, envigor, environ, envisage, envolume, envy, enwall, enwheel, enwiden, enwind, enwoman, enwomb, enwrap, enwreathe, epicurize, epigrammatize, epilogize, epiloguize, episcopize, epistle, epistolize, epitaph, epitomize, equal, equalize, equate, equibalance, equilibrate, equip, equiparate, equiponderate, equivalence, equivalent, equivalue, equivocate, eradiate, eradicate, erase, erect, erme, ermine, ern, erode, erogate, err, erudiate, erupt, escalade, escape, escarp, escheat, eschew, escort, esloin, espalier, espouse, espy, esquire, essay, essentiate, essoin, establish, esteem, estimate, estivate, estop, estrange, estrangle, estray, estreat, estuate, etch, eternalize, eternify, eternize, etherealize, etherize, etiolate, ettle, etymologize, euchre, euhemerize, eulogize, euphemize, euphonize, euphuize, evacate, evacuate, evade, evaluate, evanesce, evangelize, evanish, evaporate, even, even out, evene, eventerate, eventilate, eventuate, everse, evert, evesdrop, evestigate, evibrate, evict, evidence, evince, evirate, eviscerate, evitate, evite, evocate, evoke, evolve, evomit, evulgate, exacerbate, exacinate, exact, exacuate, exaggerate, exagitate, exalt, examine, example, exanimate, exantlate, exarate, exasperate, exauctorate, exaugurate, exauthorate, exauthorize, excarnate, excarnificate, excavate, excave, excecate, exceed, excel, except, excern, excerp, excerpt, exchange, excide, excise, excitate, excite, exclaim, exclude, excoct, excogitate, excommune, excommunicate, excorticate, excreate, excrementize, excrete, excruciate, exculpate, excurse, excuse, excuss, execrate, exect, execute, exemplify, exempt, exenterate, exercise, exert, exestuate, exfoliate, exhale, exhaust, exheredate, exhibit, exhilarate, exhort, exhume, exiccate, exile, exist, exoculate, exolve, exonerate, exorbitate, exorcise, expand, expatiate, expatriate, expect, expectorate, expede, expediate, expeditate, expedite, expel, expend, experience, experiment, experimentalize, expiate, expire, expiscate, explain, explain away, explicate, explode, explorate, explore, expolish, expone, export, expose, expose oneself, expostulate, expound, express, exprobrate, expropriate, expugn, expulse, expunge, expurgate, expurge, exquire, exscind, exscribe, exsect, exsiccate, exsufflate, exsuscitate, extemporize, extend, extenuate, exterminate, extermine, externalize, extill, extimulate, extinguish, extirp, extirpate, extol, extort, extract, extract the Michael, extract the urine, extradite, extravagate, extravasate, extricate, extruct, extrude, extuberate, exuberate, exudate, exude, exulcerate, exult, exundate, exungulate, exuperate, exuscitate, exuviate, eye, eye roll.

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