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English verbs starting with T

All 738 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

table, taboo, tabor, tabularize, tabulate, tack, tack up, tackle, tag, tag off, tag on, tag up, tail, tail away, tail off, tailor, taint, take, take a bite, take a bow, take a break, take a breath, take a dive, take a flier, take a flyer, take a hike, take a hint, take a joke, take a knee, take a load off, take a pew, take a picture, take a risk, take a stab at, take a tumble, take aback, take action, take after, take aim, take aloft, take away, take away from, take back, take care, take charge, take command, take control, take courage, take cover, take down, take exception, take for, take hold, take issue with, take it easy, take it in turns, take it like a man, take it out in, take it out of, take it to the next level, take it up the ass, take it upon oneself, take leave, take liberties, take my point, take no prisoners, take notes, take off, take offence, take offense, take on, take on faith, take one's leave, take one's lumps, take one's point, take out, take out an onion, take out the trash, take over, take place, take point, take point of, take pride, take refuge, take responsibility, take revenge, take root, take shape, take someone's point, take steps, take stock, take the Michael, take the bait, take the cake, take the count, take the edge off, take the hint, take the liberty, take the meaning, take the mick, take the mickey, take the point, take the salute, take time, take to pieces, take to wife, take turns, take umbrage, take up, take up for, take up the mantle, take upon oneself, take your point, tale, talk, talk around, talk at, talk back, talk dirty, talk down, talk down to, talk in circles, talk into, talk out of one's ass, talk over someone's head, talk past, talk shit, talk shite, talk through, talk through one's ass, talk through one's nose, talk trash, tallage, tallow, tally, tally ho, tame, tamp, tamp down, tamper, tampon, tan, tang, tangle, tantalize, tantamount, tap, tap in, tap out, taper, tapestry, tar, tardy, tare, target, tariff, tarnish, tarre, tarry, tartarize, task, tassel, taste, taste like chicken, tath, tatter, tattle, tattoo, taunt, tautologize, taw, tax, te-hee, teach, teach away, teach school, teach someone a lesson, teach to the test, team, team up, tear, tear apart, tear away, tear gas, tear off, tear out, tease, teasel, ted, tedder, teem, teen, teend, teeter, telecast, telegraph, telephone, telescope, tell, tell it like it is, tell of, tell off, tell on, tell someone where to shove it, tellurize, temper, temperate, tempest, temple, temporize, tempt, tenant, tend, tender, tennis, tenon, tent, tenter, tenuate, tepefy, terebrate, tergiversate, term, term limit, term out, terminate, termine, terrace, terrify, territorialize, terrorize, tertiate, tessellate, test, test drive, testern, testify, tetanize, tether, tetter, tew, text, text message, texture, texture map, thank, thanksgive, thatch, thaw, thee, theologize, theorem, theorize, theosophize, thermolyze, thick, thicken, thieve, thimblerig, thin, thin out, think, think aloud, think back, think much of, think of England, think over, think through, think up, think with one's penis, thirl, thirst, thole, thorn, thrack, thrall, thrash, thread, thread the needle, threap, threat, threaten, threpe, thresh, thrid, thrill, thring, thrive, throat, throb, throe, throne, throng, thropple, throttle, throttle down, throw, throw a party, throw a sickie, throw a spanner in the works, throw away, throw dirt, throw dirt on, throw down, throw in the bark, throw into a cocked hat, throw on, throw out, throw out the baby with the bath water, throw out the baby with the bathwater, throw over, throw shade, throw signs, throw stones in a glass house, throw the baby out with the bath water, throw the baby out with the bathwater, throw together, throw true, throw up, thrum, thrust, thryfallow, thumb, thump, thunder, thunder past, thunderstrike, thurl, thwack, thwart, thwite, thwittle, tice, tick, tick all the boxes, tick and tie, tick away, tick down, tick off, tick past, ticket, tickle, tickle pink, tickle the dragon's tail, tide, tide over, tidy, tidy up, tie, tie back, tie down, tie one on, tie over, tie up, tiff, tight, tighten, tighten up, tile, till, tiller, tillow, tilt, timber, time, time out, tin, tinct, tincture, tind, tine, ting, tinge, tingle, tink, tinker, tinkle, tinsel, tint, tip, tip back, tip off, tip out, tip over, tip up, tipple, tipsify, tiptoe, tire, tire out, tissue, tithe, titillate, title, titrate, titter, tittle-tattle, titubate, tiver, toady, toast, toboggan, tod, toddle, toe, tohew, toil, token, tole, tolerate, toll, tomahawk, tomb, tone, tongue, tongue kiss, tool, tool up, toom, toot, tooth, top, top edge, top it off, top off, top out, top up, top-drain, top-dress, tope, topple, topple over, torment, torpedo, torpify, torrefy, torture, tose, toss, toss and turn, toss around, toss off, toss out, toss salad, toss someone's salad, toss together, toswink, total, totalize, tote, totear, totter, touch, touch bases, touch cloth, touch down, touch off, touch up, touch wood, toughen, toughen up, tour, tourney, tousel, tousle, tout, touze, tow, towel, tower, tower above, tower over, toy, toy with, toze, trace, track, track down, track with, tract, trade, trade away, trade in, tradition, traduce, traduct, traffic, trail, trail off, train, train surf, traipse, traitor, traject, tralineate, tramble, trammel, tramp, trample, trampoose, trance, transact, transanimate, transcend, transcolate, transcur, transdialect, transfer, transfigurate, transfigure, transfix, transform, transfreight, transfrete, transfund, transfuse, transgress, transhape, tranship, transhumanize, transit, translate, transliterate, transmeate, transmew, transmigrate, transmit, transmogrify, transmove, transmute, transnature, transpare, transpass, transpeciate, transpierce, transpire, transplace, transplant, transport, transpose, transprint, transprose, transshape, transship, transubstantiate, transude, transume, transvasate, transverberate, transverse, transvert, trant, trap, trapan, trape, trapes, trash, trash out, traunt, travail, travel, traverse, travesty, trawl, tray, tread, tread lightly, tread out, tread water, treasure, treat, treble, tree, tremble, trench, trend, trepan, trephine, trespass, triangulate, tribe, tribute, trice, trichinize, trick, trick out, trickle, trifallow, trifle, trig, trigger, trill, trim, trindle, trine, trinket, trinkle, trip, trip out, trip over one's own two feet, trip over the wire, trip up, triple, triple check, triple fault, trisect, trist, tristitiate, triturate, triumph, troat, troll, troop, tropologize, trot, trot off, trothplight, trouble, trouble the scorers, troul, trounce, trow, truant, truck, truck in, truck out, truckle, trudge, trump, trump up, trumpet, truncate, truncheon, trundle, trundle along, trunk, truss, trust, trustee, truth, try, try on, try one's luck, try out, tryst, tub, tube, tuck, tuck in, tucker, tucker out, tuft, tug, tumble, tumble down, tumble to, tumefy, tump, tumulate, tumult, tumultuate, tun, tune, tune in, tune out, tune up, tunnel, tup, turbinate, turf, turf out, turgesce, turmoil, turn, turn Turk, turn a new leaf, turn against, turn around, turn away, turn back, turn back the clock, turn coat, turn down, turn in, turn in one's grave, turn into, turn loose, turn off, turn on, turn out, turn over, turn over a new leaf, turn tail, turn the frown upside down, turn to, turn to custard, turn two, turn up, turnpike, tusk, tussle, tutor, tutorize, twaddle, twang, twangle, twank, twattle, tweag, tweak, tweedle, twiddle, twifallow, twig, twill, twin, twine, twinge, twink, twinkle, twire, twirl, twist, twist in the wind, twist the knife, twit, twitch, twitter, tye, tympanize, tyne, type, type out, type up, typewrite, typify, tyrannize, tyrant.

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