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Vocabulary builder, tailored to your needs.

Reji is a perfect companion for those language learners who are tired of learning vocabulary on stacks of paper, which are hard to keep by your side, inefficient to learn, and hard to find.

Reji allows to save new words from language classes, movies, books, articles, and efficiently learn them using spaced repetition.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Save words.

Enter new words in the bottom field.

Reji will suggest you translations to your language, definitions or images (if you’ve just installed the app, it’s only translations — you’ll learn later why).

You can also enter the words the other way around — in your language, and Reji will translate them to the language you’re learning. Click on the flag left from the input field to switch.

Just select the best one, or type in your own one.

2. Learn mode.

Reji helps you learn saved words in an efficient manner, based on the spaced repetition algorithm.

Save at least 4 words to kick it Reji's learn mode.

You should match words with their translations or definitions (and vice versa), and also type them in to practice spelling.

Reji will remind you to repeat learned words at certain intervals in order to retain them forever.

3. Notifications.

Vocabulary learning requires a lot of repetition in order to be successful. Make sure you’ve enabled notifications in Reji’s settings. The app will remind you to repeat learned words at the time appropriate for you.

4. Decks.

Reji allows you to categorize your words in decks (word lists). Keep your vocabulary in decks by lesson, movie, event, etc.

Create as many decks as you want on the app’s main screen. There is no limit on words in one deck, either.

Save at least 4 words and finish one learn mode to be able to manage decks.

5. iCloud.

Make sure you’ve enabled synchronization in Reji’s settings and have free space on your iCloud. Then Reji will back up all your data there.

If you want to use Reji on both iPhone and iPad, make sure you’re signed in to the same Apple ID on both devices. All decks will synchronize automatically when you launch Reji.

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