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Press Room

Here you will find information about what Reji helps with, how it was made and the team who stands behind it.

About Reji

Reji helps to keep and learn new vocabulary.

People have been learning vocabulary for centuries, but the ways they’ve been doing it aren't efficient enough. First, people used pen and paper, now they flock to flashcard apps.

In case with pen and paper, it's tedious: you meet a new word, then you look up for a translation, write it all down, try to learn it, and then try not to forget it over time.

As for apps, most of them aren’t tailored for language learners. They're mostly universal apps, where you have to enter everything you want to learn yourself: a word, a translation for it, a phonetic transcription, etc. There are some specific apps for language learners, but they suffer from the same problems – no automatic look-up.

If you're going to a class, you get around 70 new words each week. Probably, you also get the other 50 words from YouTube videos or the Internet. It can get cumbersome to juggle between Google Translate and the place where you keep your vocabulary.

We made saving words extremely quick and easy. Just type in a word you’d like to learn. Reji translates it, looks up for a definition, image and an example sentence – with no effort from your side.

Then you can can learn saved words in a fun way. Reji also reminds you to repeat learned words, so that they don’t slip your memory over time.

47 supported languages:


We’re a 2-person Vienna-based team: Alexey Chernikov (product design & growth) and Andrii Liakh (development & customer relations). We met at school 5 years ago.

We are the makers of a couple of popular apps in the past.

One of them is Mate Translate – a translator app for 103 languages on Mac, iOS and Google Chrome – which was featured on the App Store and Mac App Store as the app of the day. It’s used by around 600,000 people monthly.

Another one is Artpaper – a Mac app which sets artworks as wallpapers. It became wildly popular in China, which population loves to explore Western culture. It’s used by around 30,000 people monthly.

We are language learners ourselves: Alex speaks four languages and Andrew speak three.

Team photos can be found here.

How Reji Was Born

As our previous app – Mate Translate – became quite popular with 3M installs and around 600,000 monthly active users, we found out it was used by language learners a lot. We decided to dig deeper into the language learning field to differentiate us more from the competition, such as iTranslate and Google Translate.

So, we made a feature called Phrasebook. It allowed users to build up their own word lists. So, basically, it was a good old notebook which we were using in our language classes, but it was translating the words itself.

Phrasebook turned out to be a fast-growing feature in high demand but it was hard to find behind the translator functionality.

So we decided to branch it off as Reji in December 2017. It took us 3.5 months to make the first version of Reji, even though we re-used a decent amount of Mate’s codebase.

Reji went live on Product Hunt on April 6, 2018. It was the 4th most-upvoted product on that day, with 450+ upvotes.

Useful Links, Images Etc.

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Team photos can be found here.

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