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Save & learn words.

Quickly save your own vocabulary and learn it using spaced repetition, practice spelling and pronunciation. For free.

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Vocabulary builder, tailored to your needs.

Save vocabulary from language classes, movies, books or the Internet, and learn it efficiently with spaced repetition.
Reji Learn Mode

Lightning fast saving.

No longer juggle a dictionary, a translator app and a notebook. Reji’s all in one.

Just type in new words in the app, it will find translations, definitions and images automatically.
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Learn words & spelling.

Match your words with translations, definitions or images, practice spelling with type in questions.

Phonetic transcription and playback will help you understand how to pronounce.

Super efficient learn mode.

Reji’s learn mode is based on the spaced repetition algorithm. It calculates and reminds when you need to repeat your words in order to maximize the odds to remember them forever.

48 languages supported.

Learn English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian and 39 other languages: view all

Don’t guess how to pronounce.

Reji speaks out words and shows phonetic transcription (IPA).
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Learn in the context.

Reji looks up example sentences for your words.
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Categorize and share your vocabulary.

You can shuffle your words in decks. It’s lists by topic, date, class, etc. Also, it's possible to learn some vocabulary and basic sentence structure in another language by playing Casino games. Want to try casino games? Checkout Casinos ohne Lizenz aufgelistet von Coincierge blog, you will find the best Unlicensed casinos listed by Coincierge.

Share decks with your fellow learners in one tap.
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Our users are happy!

Some of them have already learned over 1500 words with Reji.
English, French, Italian – 715 words learned
I’ve always dreamt to learn languages with an app that is both user-friendly and effective. With Reji, you can learn words in a fun and playful way with GIFs or definitions of words, for example. My English, French and Italian proficiency has been pimped thanks to this app!
Maria Ivanova
Purchase Coordinator at Volvo Trucks

Your vocabulary is in safe hands.

Available for iPhone and iPad (with iOS 10.3+), Reji synchronizes and backs up your vocabulary on all devices over iCloud.
Reji Learn Mode
Reji Learn Mode

Learn languages with Reji.

For free. No subscriptions, no hidden costs.

How about Android?

Reji's not available for Android yet. You can leave your email.
We'll let you know when it's available!

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