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Improve your vocabulary hassle-free

Save words that you want to learn. Reji will help you learn them and never forget again.

Traditional way to learn words

There's a long way from the time you first see or hear a new word until you can actually say you know it.

Learning with Reji

Reji does most of the steps above for you in order to make sure you remember your vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

How to start using Reji?

With Reji, you'll spend less than 2 minutes to save your first words and start learning them.

Create a deck
Create a deck on any topic or for any class.
Save words in it
Save words you want to learn on this topic.
Learn them
Use the learn section to easily learn your words.

Efficiency of learning

Reji determines which words you remembered not properly and reminds you to repeat them.

Best features

There are a few top-notch features that complement the ability to save & learn words for your classes or just custom words for yourself.

Reji teaches you how to pronounce by speaking out, showing phonetic transcription and transliteration.
Deck Market
Download decks with basic words from us if you don't want to build them yourself.
iCloud synchronization
All your data will be auto-restored even if your reinstall the app.
46 languages supported
Improve your vocabulary in almost all world languages. The full list
Works offline
Train your vocabulary even offline. Don't stop learning even if you're hitting the road.
Save words hassle-free
Reji pulls down translations, definitions and images for your words automatically.
Interactive learning
Learn your vocabulary in an interactive and efficient way.
Check your knowledge
Keep track of your learning progress using the Check Quiz.

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