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Learn & never forget words with Reji

Reji lets language learners have an extensive vocabulary by learning & repeating words and pronunciations

What Is It For?

Reji lets your improve your vocabulary with flashcards in English, Spanish, French and other 43 languages.

Learn & never forget words and how to pronounce them on your iPhone or iPad.

Is It Different From
Duolingo & Co?

Yes, it is.

Many apps like Duolingo, Memrise or Babbel teach you basic grammar and vocabulary. However, you can't save & learn your own vocabulary there.

Imagine you're learning French and watching a movie in it. You want to memorize unknown words from this movie. Just save them in Reji very quickly & learn later on.

So, Reji is all about your vocabulary. More advanced language learners know how to write and speak but they are still improving their vocabulary.

Learn words that you get from the environment, movies, books, classes or the Internet with Reji. In English, Spanish, French and other 43 languages.

Why Should I Use It?

Learn words & their pronunciations
Improve your vocabulary with flashcards! Images, translations & definitions will help you better memorize the words.
Don't forget what you've learned
Ever learned a word and forgot it 4 days later? Reji's repetition algorithm will remind you to repeat words on time.
Decide what to learn by yourself
Reading a French book and want to learn unknown words from it? Create a flashcard deck for it and save all the unknown words in Reji.
Download basic flashcards from us
Don't want to spend your time on saving words by yourself? Download a prepicked deck with basic words & phrases in different languages.
  • Reji reminds you to repeat words (below)
  • Reji teaches you correct pronunciation
  • Reji lets you save any words & learn them

How Do I Use It?

Just follow these 3 easy steps to start learning your first words with Reji. It won't take more than 5 minutes to start off!

Create a deck
Create flashcard decks for any classes or life situations.
Build flashcards
Save words you want to learn. Reji will build flashcards for them.
Learn the words
Use the Learn Quiz to learn & repeat your flashcards.

Why Is It Useful, Again?

Reji lets you save & learn any words you get in your classes, books, movies or the Internet. Reji's efficient repetition algorithm reminds you to repeat them on time, too.

Reji teaches you how to pronounce words correctly.
Custom flashcards
Create your own flashcards with words you want to learn.
Works offline
Train your vocabulary even offline. Perfect for commuters or travelers.
Add flashcards quickly
Reji will look up for translations, definitions and images for you.
Different types of flashcards
Put images, definitions or translations on the back side.
Interactive learning quiz
Learn your flashcards in an interactive and effective way.
Check your knowledge
Keep a track on your learning progress using the Check Quiz.
46 languages supported
Improve your vocabulary in almost all major world languages.
Deck Market
Download flashcards with basic words from us if you don't to build them by yourself.
Learning consistency
Reji will remind you which words you have to repeat and when for the best efficiency.

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