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About Us

Reji is an iOS app which lets people who attend language classes improve their vocabulary hassle-free in English, Spanish, French and other 43 languages.

The problem we solve

Language course students have to learn loads of words each week in their classes. Some of them use word lists, some of them build flashcards.

The way we do it

We let you save words to learn in a few taps on your iPhone or iPad. Reji pulls down all the data for them automatically, and helps you learn your words & never forget again.

People behind Reji

I’m an expat in Vienna, who’s been mingling with paper word lists, while struggling to master a such not easy language as German for 3 years.
I’m a frequent traveler & language enthusiast who tries to speak with locals in their language. I often learn basic words & phrases during flights.

Our vision

We want to help language course students to learn vocabulary from their classes efficiently & hassle-free.

Give Reji a try!

If you think that Reji can help you after reading this, wait no more and just give it a try right now!

By the way, besides making Reji, we also write interesting posts about language learning struggles and hacks on our blog.

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