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About Us

We're a 2-person Vienna, Austria, based team of language learners and software makers with 8+ years of experience in both fields.

We're trying to make learning new vocabulary as easy as tooth brushing.

I speak 4 languages and spent around 8 years in language classes.

Managing & learning new vocabulary was always the biggest problem for me.
I speak 3 languages, learning 1 more now.

After we made Reji, it replaces all my notebooks and paper word lists.

A typical way to learn vocabulary

700M+ people worldwide go to language classes where they have to learn 80 words per week on average. They struggle to easily manage & learn new vocabulary.

An improved way

A mobile app which would speed up saving new vocabulary and allow to easily learn it is a solution. And that's Reji!

You type in words you want to learn, the app looks up translations and example sentences, and then you can learn them.

Try Reji now

Try Reji for free to keep all new vocabulary in one place.