5 Blogs by Language Learners That Inspire and Motivate

The road to learning a language may be well-trodden but and each and every traveler’s journey is undoubtedly unique.

But despite the differences, you’re never really alone. In fact,  a lot of language learners share the same types of experiences and frustrations.  

These 5 blogs tell 5 different stories and show 5 different perspectives, each inspiring in their own way.

1. The Realist: 5-Minute Language

Think you’re too busy to learn a language? Agnieszka Murdoch has something to say about it. Her philosophy is simple. Language learning doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. In fact, she believes, if you’re consistent, you can make progress quickly.

All of Agnieszka’s blog posts take no more than 5 minutes to read so now you really have no excuse. Her blog is filled with practical, easy to apply “how to” articles based on her personal experiences learning languages while working full-time and leading a busy life.

2. The Speed Demon: Fluent in 3 Months

For a different approach, check out Benny the Irish Polyglot’s blog Fluent in 3 Months. Benny believes that language learners should be speaking and using their target language from day one. As he puts it, his “mission in life is giving people permission to make mistakes.” He thinks the key to learning a language is confidence and the willingness to make mistakes.

Benny’s blog is super relatable for language learners. Learning a language can feel like an impossible task at times but his personal story proves that anybody can do it. When Benny finished university, he spoke exactly one language, his native language - English. Now, he can speak 7 languages confidently and have conversations in a number of others.

Want to feel inspired? Take a look at the success stories section of the blog where you’ll find personal accounts from Benny himself and other language learners, too.

3. The Linguist: Travelengua

For another unique perspective, and at times more technical look at language-learning, go no further than Elica’s blog, Travelengua. Language-lover Elica uses her background in Applied Linguistics to shed light on the language-learning experience and give readers practical how-tos and actionable advice. 

A blend of personal experience and academics, Elica’s blogs are both accessible and relatable for readers. Travelengua contains a mix of tips and how-to articles and reflections on what she’s learned while studying languages and linguistics.

4. The Anti-Ageist: Adventures in Midlife Spanish

A little late to the game traditionally speaking, Minnesota-based Newell didn’t become bilingual until the ripe old age of 67. And, he definitely doesn’t subscribe to the idea that you’re “too old” to learn a language. In fact, he thinks older learners have an added advantage since they know what works best for them when it comes to studying.

Adventures in Midlife Spanish details Newell’s experiences both in Mexico and in the US working with Spanish-speaking immigrants and refugees.  His blog is a mix of cultural musings, history, travel experiences and insights into language learning. If you’re learning Spanish, you’ll find it particularly relevant and can even practice your reading a little too as some of this blog’s posts are written in Spanish. 

5. The Polyglot Dream

Luca, the man behind The Polyglot Dream, speaks 10 languages fluently. Not bad, eh? It’s easy to assume Luca must be some kind of genius but in reality, he’s just dedicated to his studies and genuinely loves languages. Actually, you might be surprised to learn, he only spends thirty minutes a day practicing a language.

Luca’s blog looks at the science behind learning a language and the best ways to go about reaching your language goals. It also shares his personal language learning experiences both the good and the bad.


The Joker: Itchy Feet

In need of a good laugh? Check out Itchy feet - a collection of comics made by Malachi Ray Rempen which touch on the struggles all language learners face at some time or another. Filled with universal truths, itchy feet is a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously when it comes to learning a language.